Breaking Dawn Set Infiltrated!


Red alert! Red alert! This is not a drill, Twi-hards! It seems you can get close to Robert Pattinson in his white vampire makeup and Edward Cullen scowl while he’s on set of Breaking Dawn.

You just have to act like you belong!

Reports out of the Twiverse claim that at Brazilian TV show managed to weasel their way past the barricades and security guarding the highly defend Isle Esme location while RPatz an Kristen Stewart were filming Breaking Dawn this weekend. The crew even got the chance to film inside the super-secret house via a hidden camera!

Of course, by now the video has been pulled down and Summit is all but livid that this happened, especially considering that production didn’t even halt when they realzied their vampy perimeter had be compromised.

Still, if you do some digging,we’re told there are a few stills from the video popping here and ther around the Internet.

We’re just dying to know how it is that they were able to get in there with such ease! What is your secret craft Brazilian TV makers?

[Image via Fame Pictures.]

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